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Did you know that For Sale By Owner "FSBO" have statistically been proven to fall short? 
According to NARS, selling your home with a licensed real estate professional will garnish a higher profit, enough to cover the commission and put more money in your pocket.  Call me and I will explain why...

It's not as easy as it looks.  Good realtors just make it look that way!  Let a professional handle your next transaction.

Why Branding is so important:

• While other companies focus on trying to sell more homes, our focus is on selling/marketing homes for more.

• While other real estate companies focus on personal promotion, our brand compels us to focus on property promotion.

• Our branded properties lead us to enjoying the Highest Average Sales Price* of any New Jersey real estate company, although    we provide superior marketing and branding to all price levels, because it's not just about price, but selling distinction.

• Our brand’s photo marketing standards means that while our properties appear on other companies sites, theirs do not   

  qualify to appear on the site.

• Our brand encourages us to focus more on celebrating what makes each of our properties distinctive through customization      and collaboration (Customized Home Marketing System), rather than focus on how we are different.

Ask about the Customized Home Marketing System.


*According to RealTrends 2017

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